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Name:Altalita Bastion
Mun and character are both well over 21
NAME: Altalita Bastion
AGE: 24 (presumed)
GENDER: Female, Female minded
HEIGHT: 5'4"
WEIGHT: 121lbs.
BUILD: Proportionate and curvy
HAIR COLOR: Black, worn extraordinarily long and loose, nearly to her waist in length
EYE COLOR: "piercing" blue
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Ruinic-styled tattoos that start from her upper back, trailing all the way down to her hips, outer thighs, and stopping just before her knees. (example image by AKA-1310 at Who rocks, image is vaguely nsfw (artsy nudity)), wears tons of tiny blue beads in her hair that are made of glass, threaded into the length of it so they don't fall out.

Who She Is:

Altalita Bastion is a servant of an un-named goddess who has granted her power and long life in exchange for her service in the goddess's name (metaphorically). This gives her a distinctive, though distant, magical ping to those that can sense such things when she's not using granted power.

She is otherwise allowed to do what she wishes, when she wishes, so long as it does not conflict with the duty she has been given. Said goddess's purview involves Fate and the related.

Among other, more minor powers, Altalita has the capability to generate portals from place to place, use a spell to detect danger, and she is capable of--if annoyingly cryptic--fortune telling.

Otherwise, she simply knows how to read people based on their body language and how they act.

Altalita is human, unless an event or other transformational effect states otherwise, and detects as such to all forms of detection (scent, electronic, etc).

What She's Like

Playful, flirtatious, easygoing, and difficult to really tie down to any one particular place, Altalita is difficult to anger and fairly mellow about most things. She doesn't respect personal space if she likes you, and tends to tease people fondly with both her.. ...assets, and verbally.

She's attractive and she knows it, and will abuse it for mostly for laughs, although if it comes down to it, she'd abuse it to get her way with minimal effort as well if it became necessary (though she prefers to avoid this route, however easy it is).

For the most part, Altalita wears her emotions on her sleeve, easily loves others. Friendly, outgoing, and cares very little for what anyone thinks of her or her lifestyle. She prefers to see the positive things in people, as well as whatever beauty they have in their individuality.

Otherwise, Altalita's wants are usually fairly simple. Good food, a good lay, extra money, comfortable clothes, and a roof over her head. She doesn't particularly want much, even if she has a fondness for clothing and outfits. Occasionally, she does like to get a little stoned or drunk, however. Sometimes both at once.

Her reasons for the deal with the goddess are her own, and not something she shares with anyone--even those she loves.

Below all this is a woman who's been around for some time, traveled several alternate worlds, and seen many things in her lifetime. Whether she talks about this to someone is generally up to the situation.

Altalita, and Altalita's concept, while referencing many sources, is for the most part mine. This Journal is largely for role playing funtimes, and Altalita is not a likeness of any particular person to my knowledge. Journal is very NOT SAFE FOR WORK at points.
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